Friday, June 9

A macro-search engine for tenders, public subsidies and legislation: the employer launches CEOE Data

The bosses have launched CEOE Data, a macro-search engine that companies with a large amount of information can contract thanks to “artificial intelligence”, the organization led by Antonio Garamendi has presented this Thursday. From knowing all the tenders of the Administration in a certain sector or activity at the municipal, regional and state level, to searching for all the open tenders of the PERTE and the projects financed with European Next Generation funds, and following the calls for public subsidies, as well from the local to the state level, among other possibilities. “All in the same platform”, the CEOE celebrated this morning.

“It is designed above all for SMEs, small and medium-sized companies, and the self-employed”, highlighted José Alberto González-Ruiz Martínez, general secretary of the employer’s association, since they have less capacity and it usually costs them more to keep up to date with all these calls for tenders and public subsidies. The CEOE has underlined the launch of its project in the face of the “lack” of a tool of this type at a public level, which encompasses so much different information.

The platform seeks to bring together in the same portal different blocks of information that employers consider “key” for companies. In this first phase, there are four modules developed. It brings together calls for tenders and public subsidies, as well as a press service with information from the main media (clipping), as well as all current legislation that may affect companies and sectors from the municipal to the European level, and also an in-depth monitoring of those regulatory projects that are in process.

The system allows you to create alerts on certain searches, so that the system notifies you of news in tenders or public aid, for example.

For the near future, it is planned to expand the application with four other blocks: detailed information on all collective agreements, information on economic and business statistics, sectoral reports, and finally (and even less advanced) a module with data of interest for the internalization of enterprises.

Tool that facilitates the legislative ‘lobby’

This last point allows, for example, to follow the entire processing schedule of a bill, with the deadlines for submitting amendments and all these contributions from political parties. Also to monitor the agenda of the political formations, both of the parties – at the moment only PP, PSOE and Ciudadanos, but more are being “introduced” – and of the governments, from the state to the autonomous ones, which facilitates the task of lobby and incidence of companies and employer organizations with regard to the regulations that most interest them.

The general secretary of CEOE recalled that the employers “has strengthened” their relations department with the Parliament, which last February added José Luis Ayllón, deputy with the PP and who was president Rajoy’s chief of staff, who deals with the parties and sends proposals for amendments to the different parliamentary formations.

José Alberto González-Ruiz Martínez has also highlighted that “the parliamentary arch that we have had for a few years, without parties with an absolute majority”, means that many legislative projects undergo modifications throughout their processing. “Knowing when and by whom these changes and amendments are taking place”, he explained, can be very useful for companies.

Payment platform and new competition

CEOE Data is paid, “but at very competitive prices”, even more than some in the market, stressed the general secretary of CEOE. José Alberto González-Ruiz Martínez has affirmed that for the moment they have not received “complaints” from companies that are dedicated to these services, such as consultancies and clipping of the press, before the new competition that they are going to find in the employers’ association.

In CEOE they explain that the project has been financed with its own resources, from the fees collected by the employer from its associates, and that although it is not intended primarily from a commercial point of view, it is expected to represent a means of income for the organization .

The prices of this service, which can be contracted by the CEOE Data platform in its entirety or only for some of its services (tenders, legislation, subsidies or press), will have discounts for companies associated with employer organizations. “Of 50%”, they explain in CEOE.

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