Sunday, March 26

A man arrested for killing his ex-partner in Barcelona

The Mossos d’Esquadra have arrested a man on Monday afternoon who has turned himself in at a Barcelona City Police station and has assured that he had killed his ex-partner in a house in the Sant Martí district.

As reported by the regional police, around 6:30 p.m. A man has presented himself at the police offices of the Sant Martí Urban Guard and has confessed to the crime of his ex-partner. Local police officers have located the lifeless body of a woman who, according to initial indications, has died violently, for which the man has been arrested.

Agents of the Mossos of the Metropolitan Police Region of Barcelona have opened an investigation to determine the causes of the death of this resident of the Catalan capital, who had a son with her murderer.

If confirmed, it would be the second sexist murder in Catalonia so far this year after a man killed his partner in Martorell (Barcelona) last February, and the eighth woman murdered by her partner or ex-partner this 2022 in Spain. . Seven minors have also been orphaned after their mother died in these circumstances this year.

Since 2003, the year in which sexist crime statistics began to be recorded, 1,134 women have been murdered at the hands of their partners or ex-partners. The number of orphaned minors has risen to 342 since 2003.

Last year, according to data compiled by the Delegation against Gender Violence, 44 women were murdered. Victims of sexist violence and those around them can request assistance 24 hours a day by calling 016, emailing [email protected] and WhatsApp number 600 000 016.

In an emergency situation, you can call 112 (the Mossos number) or the emergency telephone numbers of the National Police (091) and the Civil Guard (062) and, when the call is impossible, you can resort to the ALERTCOPS application, from which an alert signal will be sent to the Police with geolocation.