Thursday, July 7

A man arrested for killing his wife in Valladolid

The National Police have arrested a 58-year-old man as the alleged perpetrator of the murder of his wife this Monday in Valladolid. 112 received a call at 5:00 pm informing that a man had stabbed his wife “several” times, reports the National Police. The 55-year-old woman has been transferred to the Valladolid Clinical Hospital, where she has died, as confirmed by the National Police.

The alleged perpetrator was also at the scene of the events with various cuts “while attempting to injure himself.” The National Police has detained him and transferred him to the Río Hortega Hospital for assistance. The Police are investigating the events.

The stabbing occurred in a house located on Montreal Street in the Santa Ana urbanization in Valladolid capital, according to sources from the Emergency Service 112 Castilla y León.

If confirmed as a case of gender violence, this would be the 21st fatality in 2020. Since the count began in 2003, this would add 1,098 women who were killed by their partner or ex-partner.