Tuesday, December 7

A man assaults two Fallas artists shouting “shitty fags”

Two Fallas artists have reported to the National Police a homophobic aggression that they suffered this Sunday in Valencia, when they were rebuked and attacked by a young man shouting “shitty fags”. One of the victims suffered a broken foot as a result of the assault.

The events occurred this Sunday in the heart of the city, in the Ciutat Vella area, when the artists José Luis and Vicente, from the ‘Artdefoc’ company, were heading towards their van to attend an event organized by one of the commissions in which they plant fault, according to what the victims themselves have told Europa Press.

Shouting “fags”, a young man has begun to scold them and spit at them. At first they dodged him, at which point the man got in their way and started kicking one of them.

When the couple has managed to get away from the aggressor, they have taken refuge in a nearby cafeteria. Subsequently, they have been transferred to the hospital and then to the National Police station, where they have filed the corresponding complaint of the facts, providing the report of injuries.

From the commission Fernando el Católico, Erudito Orellana and Juan de Mena -one of the failures in which the artists plant-, in a statement published on their social networks, they have “totally condemned this type of aggression and acts, which in a society of the 21st century should not exist, and fewer such proclamations. ” “Not a step back,” they added.

Also from the Central Fallera Board (JCF), through social networks, they have expressed their “total condemnation and rejection” of these events that “have no place in a society like ours.” “A free, plural and diverse party such as the Fallas cannot afford this type of behavior and attitudes,” the autonomous municipal body has remarked.

For his part, the mayor of Valencia, Joan Ribó, has expressed his “strong condemnation of this new LGTBIphobic aggression”. “In Valencia there is no room for violence and hatred. We are a city of peace and love,” he added.

From Compromís, the Catalan Ombudsman in Les Corts, Fran Ferri, has conveyed all his support and solidarity to the victims of the aggression and added: “Hatred and LGTBIphobia have no place in a modern and advanced society like Valencia’s “.


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