Monday, May 16

A man is shot dead in the middle of the street in front of the Las Rosas shopping center in Madrid

The driver of a car has died this afternoon after being shot from another vehicle that was driving through the Plaza de Alsacia in Madrid, in the district of San Blas-Canillejas, police sources have confirmed.

The events took place after 3:00 p.m. this Wednesday next to the Las Rosas shopping center. A vehicle has rammed another car, gray and Citröen brand. Immediately after, from a third vehicle, colluded with the first, a man fired eight shots at the driver and sole occupant of the second, who received several bullet wounds.

The two attacking vehicles have fled the scene quickly. Up to that point, toilets and agents who were attending to a motorist who had suffered a minor accident minutes before near the place have arrived first, eyewitnesses have indicated to Europa Press.

Then patrols from the National Police have come, as well as health workers from Samur-Civil Protection, who have set up a field hospital in the area to treat the wounded man, who has died almost instantly due to the severity of the shots. He was in cardiac arrest from which they have not been able to get him out.

The Municipal Police of Madrid have cut off Guadalajara Avenue at the height of Capri Street, meaning Plaza de Alsacia. They have cordoned off the area and evacuated the place. Gunshot marks have been left at the nearby Alsace Metro entrance.

Agents of the Homicide Group of the Judicial Brigade of the Madrid Police have taken charge of the investigation of the case, which at first seems like a settling of accounts. At the moment there are no arrests.