Friday, August 12

A man kills two people and 21 are injured in a shooting at an LGTBI nightclub in Oslo

A man has killed two people and at least 21 have been seriously injured in a shooting at an LGTBI nightclub in central Oslo, according to police in the Norwegian capital.

The attacker, who was arrested near the scene of the shooting, is a citizen with a Norwegian passport and of Iranian origin, known to the police and against whom charges have now been filed for murder, attempted murder and a terrorist act, he specified in press conference the head of the investigation, Christian Hatlo.

Norwegian television NRK reports that three people have been seriously injured out of 14 who have been treated in various hospitals according to medical sources. The detainee has not yet explained the reason for his shooting, according to Norwegian television, and at the moment the police have not classified the shooting as a terrorist incident. Witnesses have told Norwegian television that the shooting triggered panic in the people inside the nightclub and that everything was very chaotic.

The organization of the LGTBI Pride Day that was to be celebrated today in Oslo has suspended all acts on the recommendation of the police.