Wednesday, December 7

A man murders his 29-year-old partner in Alcoi in a new sexist crime in the Valencian Community

A 28-year-old man is in serious condition in the hospital when he jumped from a fifth floor into a courtyard after allegedly beheading his 29-year-old partner, who has died, at the family home in a building in the town Valencian from Alcoi.

Sources in the case have informed EFE that this sexist crime was discovered around 2:00 a.m. this Sunday in a building in the northern area of ​​Alcoi, on Ferran El Catòlic street, after the neighbors gave notice that a man had fallen into the void.

When the agents arrived and entered the house from where they had rushed, they found the young woman who died of a throat slashing in the toilet and although at first they doubted whether it was a suicide attempt, the investigation suggests that it is a sexist crime.

Apparently, the couple had no children and had lived in that property since last Christmas, according to the sources consulted by EFE.