Sunday, July 3

A man must spend 3 years in jail for a Pokémon card | Digital Trends Spanish

Fanaticism can reach extreme situations. The United States has just sentenced a 31-year-old man to serve a 36-month prison sentence for a valuable Pokemon card.

The man was identified as Vinath Oudomsine, from Georgia, and was accused of using coronavirus relief money to buy a collection letter.

Oudomsine had received an Economic Injury Disaster Loan in the amount of $85,000 after claiming to own a small business that supported 10 workers. This money was originally intended for companies to pay the rent and the salary of employees.

However, once the man got the money, he used $57,789 to purchase a Charizard card, a valuable first-edition product that is highly prized among collectors.

In addition to the conviction, US District Court Judge Dudley H. Bowen ordered Oudomsine to pay nearly $10,000 in addition to $85,000 in restitution. Also, after three years in jail, the subject must serve another three years of supervised release.

The investigation carried out by the authorities concluded that the 31-year-old man lied in the documents he sent to apply for emergency aid. Of course, he was forced to return the purchased card to prosecutors.

In recent times, the popular Pokemon card game has been the subject of several thefts and even looting by fans and collectors who are capable of doing anything to keep one of these objects.

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