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A man survives traveling to Europe on the wheel of an airplane | Digital Trends Spanish

Police officers in Amsterdam found a person traveling in the front wheel of a plane on a flight from South Africa.

The journey began in Johannesburg and made a stopover in Nairobi, Keina, where it is believed that this person may have ascended. Thus, the stowaway was able to survive in extreme conditions during a trip that lasted eleven hours.

The aircraft was a cargo plane that landed at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport.

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I live by miracle

The young man was found by members of the Dutch gendarmerie (Marechaussee). It was first seen by maintenance personnel after they observed “something that looked like a person.”

Meanwhile, police officials confirmed that the subject was alive and conscious, but in poor condition, with a very low body temperature and signs of hypothermia.

From the gendarmerie they recognized that it is very unlikely that a person will survive traveling in these conditions, especially since the temperature during the flight can drop to 50 degrees below zero.

Once they found him, the gendarmes covered him to raise his body temperature and he was then transferred to a hospital.

Now, the authorities in charge want to interrogate him to find out his identity, nationality and age, although it is estimated that he may be between 18 and 30 years old.

The Netherlands has opened an investigation as they point out that it is an illegal border crossing. The authorities think that it could even be a case of human trafficking.

“How did he get here and how did he get to the plane to hide? How did he manage to survive such a long journey? We do not know yet if he got help from another person to make this journey. We hope to be able to obtain an answer to all pending questions”, indicated a spokesperson for the Marechaussee.

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