Monday, July 4

A man throws a cake at ‘La Gioconda’ at the Louvre

A visitor who was in the Parisian Louvre museum has launched this Sunday afternoon a cake to the famous painting of La Gioconda, one of the most important works of the place, according to several people who have witnessed the moment on social networks.

The work, by the artist Leonardo da Vinci, has not been damaged, since it is protected with a large glass through which the smile of the also called Monna Lisa can be seen. According to what some of the people who were present have told in networks, a man who was in a wheelchair and disguised with a wig, got up and threw the oil pastel, smearing it and also throwing rose petals around it until which has been approached by museum security officers.

After the attack, the museum staff has proceeded to clean the painting before the astonished gaze of the visitors.

It has not been the only attack that the work has suffered. In 1911, a man named Vincenzo Peruggia stole the painting, which remained missing for two years. according to the BBC. In 1956 another man threw a stone at the painting in the same museum and smashed the display case, releasing a piece of pigment. In 1974, while the painting was on display in a Tokyo museum, a woman sprayed red paint on it. The last one was in 2009, when a woman threw a porcelain cup against the painting, which was also undamaged.