Friday, January 21

A man who assaulted on the street and sexually assaulted women is admitted to prison

The Mossos d’Esquadra have arrested a 25-year-old man as the alleged perpetrator of a sexual assault and four sexual assaults committed between January and November of this year. Investigators suspect that the man could be related to other criminal acts and are keeping the investigation open. The detainee was brought to justice this Friday, December 3, and the judge ordered him to go to prison.

The Mossos investigate a multiple sexual assault on a woman in Mataró (Barcelona)

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The first complaint took place last January, when a man sexually assaulted a woman while accessing her home portal. The events took place at the height of mobility restrictions due to the pandemic. Following the complaint of this attack, the agents opened an investigation to identify, locate and detain the alleged perpetrator of the events.

On November 23, the agents arrested a man as the alleged perpetrator of sexual abuse of a woman. A group of people had detained him inside a company to which he had accessed taking advantage of the entry of a female worker on whom he threw himself to touch him all over the body. The man was arrested and after being brought to justice he was released.

Later, the investigators were able to link this detainee with the rest of the events they were investigating. All the victims recognized the man as the person who had attacked them, so that on December 2, the agents detained him again as the alleged perpetrator of four criminal acts.

The detainee, who always fled by bicycle or scooter after committing the attacks, did not hesitate to use violence to carry out the attacks, according to the Mossos. In one case, he punched one of his victims. The agents also recovered the bicycle he used to commit the crimes. The investigators keep the investigation open and do not rule out that it may be related to the other criminal acts.