Saturday, December 10

A massive demonstration cries out against the “kidnapping” of the Galician public media by the Xunta

With the slogan ‘For a CRTVG at the service of the people’, a massive demonstration has walked the streets of Santiago de Compostela to ask for an end to what they describe as the “kidnapping” of the Galician public media by a Xunta governed for more than 13 years for the PP. The protest, called by the inter-centre committee and backed by opposition political groups -also by formations without parliamentary representation- and various professional associations and social groups, comes after years of mobilization by a large part of the workforce with the black venres -there are already 233, since May 2018- against “information manipulation”.

The first conviction of the CRTVG for violating the freedom of expression of a worker is already final

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The demonstrators left Praza Roxa Compostela after noon and ended up in Praza de Praterías, which they filled. In the manifesto, the organizers ask that Galician society come “to the rescue” of a public service. The list of claims is opened by “guaranteeing scrupulous respect for objectivity, impartiality, neutrality, truthfulness and informative pluralism, eradicating the manipulation and cancellation of content and professionals.”

It is not the first time that a demonstration runs through the streets of the Galician capital with similar demands. In September 2018, a protest already demanded a change in the management of the Radio and Television Corporation of Galicia and that the independence of its professionals be respected. More than four years later, the Galician public media have added controversial episodes and even court rulings. They have been convicted of violating the freedom of expression of a worker and have received criticism on several occasions for sexist content and for giving space to the extreme right in information on victims of Francoism.

The manifesto read at the end of the march by workers charges against the leadership of the CRTVG, headed for 13 years by Alfonso Sánchez Izquierdo, which they accuse of “putting the interests of the PP before the values ​​of an ethical-political nature in which public service must be based”. They demand compliance with the Galician law that requires since 2011 that the general director of the CRTVG be elected by a qualified majority of the Galician Parliament.

Representatives of the two parliamentary opposition groups have participated in the protest. The deputy of the BNG Olalla Rodil called for “ending an absolutely anomalous and very undemocratic situation” in the Galician public media, “converted by the PP into its propaganda terminal”. For his part, the general secretary of the PSdeG, Valentín González Formoso, gave his support to the workers’ mobilization to “launch a cry for democratic help” in defense of public television and radio and so that “quality prevails”.

The conveners include among their claims that the CRTVG “recover the perspective of the social, labor, economic and cultural reality of the country” in the information and entertainment content, that it “promote and defend the identity” of Galicia and its language and culture and that promotes “equality and non-discrimination, sexual diversity, integrating the gender perspective and promoting positive actions.”