Thursday, October 28

A mayor of the CUP of Tàrrega (Lleida) resigns after the City Council vetoed a talk by the healer Josep Pàmies

A CUP councilor in Tàrrega, in the province of Lleida, has submitted her resignation these days after the municipal government that she herself integrates refused to carry out a talk by Josep Pàmies, the healer who defends therapies without scientific validity against COVID -19 and other diseases. The mayor, Teresa Sala, was also a denier of the pandemic, which in her farewell statement on Facebook has described as a “global scam.”

Sala was a councilor for Municipal Services, Mobility and the Environment in the municipal Executive made up of ERC, the CUP and the PSC. In his farewell letter, disseminated on social networks, he highlights that the last straw for his disagreements with the other councilors was the possibility of including a talk by Pàmies at the Environment Fair in this municipality of 16,000 inhabitants. “The totalitarian attitude of the government team is unbearable and unacceptable. Not only for obedience without any kind of debate regarding the management and measures of the so-called pandemic. it is in the majority of decisions that are taken on a municipal basis ”, the resignation abounded.

According to the newspaper Segre, Sala’s attempt to invite Pàmies, who has been sanctioned for spreading therapies that can harm public health, was made without consulting the municipal government. The local CUP published a tweet in which it affirms that they work “to reinforce the municipal task” of the party and “of the entire Government of Tàrrega.”

In her statement, Sala goes so far as to affirm that the consideration of a pandemic in the case of COVID-19 is a hoax that according to her is based on the “media bombardment”, “the collusion of all political parties without exception” and “the PCR. “” A great global scam with health excuse, “ditch.