Thursday, August 18

A mayor of the PP begins the procedures to declare the president of Abanca ‘persona non grata’

The mayor of Campo Lameiro (Pontevedra), the popular Carlos Costa, has ordered municipal officials to start the procedures to declare the president of Abanca, Juan Carlos Escotet, ‘persona non grata’ in the event that the closure is finally made. of a branch.

The Xunta will pay the banks to install ATMs in municipal premises in towns without an office

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Predictably, the initiative will go ahead with the unanimous vote of the three groups with representation in the plenary session -Partido Popular, Porvir and PSOE-, which they consider to be a gesture of “dignity of a people that institutionally expresses its rebellion against a an outrage that cannot be resigned to “. The banking entity, the majority among Galician customers, has been in a process of closing offices for years and in many small town halls the residents have serious difficulties in carrying out banking operations. The Xunta de Galicia has reacted with a plan to pay banks for the installation of ATMs. Alberto Núñez Feijóo was in charge of making an announcement that involves money for the entities and the free transfer of municipal spaces for the location of these ATMs.

Despite Feijóo’s plans, one of the mayors of his party has lost patience. The Campo Lameiro City Council has organized a symbolic wake for the night of Wednesday, September 8, to protest against the closure of the branch. The act, as reported by the Consistory, will begin at 9.30 pm and the concentrates will accompany a coffin made “to stage the death of rural Galician with the gradual disappearance of essential services” as bank offices.

The City Council calls the neighbors to participate in the funeral procession with candles or tapers that the local administration will provide. The act will leave from Praza do Concello to go to the branch itself, where the burial will take place.

It should be remembered that this week the council’s spokespersons’ board agreed to empower the mayor to initiate contacts with lawyers to seek advice to file legal actions in the event that Abanca closes the branch.

Faced with these protest actions, also held by other municipalities, the Abanca management stressed this week that it would guarantee “financial services” in all localities where entities are suppressed as a consequence of what it justifies as “reorganization” of offices. . It will do so, as explained by sources from the entity, through “ATMs, mobile offices and the Abanca offices that it has in nearby towns.”