Monday, December 4

A member of the Judiciary asks the Supreme Court to annul the appointment of the new interim president

The member of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) Wenceslao Olea has appealed the appointment of Rafael Mozo as interim president of the CGPJ asking for its suspension, a matter that is already being studied by the Supreme Court (TS) and that involves prosecuting the situation of bicephaly to which said designation led, since the magistrate Francisco Marín Castán exercises the functions of the Presidency of the TS since the resignation of Carlos Lesmes.

Carlos Lesmes, the twilight of a president in low hours who resigns after almost four years in office

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According to legal sources cited by Europa Press, Olea’s appeal is already in the Supreme Court and is under study without any decision being made. The first step will be to open a separate piece to pronounce on these very precautionary suspension measures, which must be resolved in the next 48 hours.

The matter has fallen on the Sixth Section, a special section within the Contentious-Administrative Chamber of the TS, which is called to resolve the appeals against the decisions of the Plenary and the Permanent Commission of the CGPJ.

On this occasion it will be made up of Eduardo Espín, Octavio Juan Herrero, José Antonio Montero, César Pico and José María Bandrés. These last two replace Pablo Lucas and César Tolosa, who have had to abstain because they supported the report of the Technical Office of the TS that pointed to Marín Castán as the person who should replace Lesmes in both positions.