Wednesday, February 21

A merchant rescues a person who was traveling in a pneumatic with four corpses in the south of Gran Canaria

A merchant has rescued this Saturday a migrant who was traveling in a pneumatic with four other people who were lifeless, about 278 kilometers south of Gran Canaria, a spokeswoman for Maritime Rescue has informed Efe.

A Maritime Rescue helicopter, the Helimer 206, transfers the survivor to the Gando airport, in Gran Canaria, where he is expected to arrive around 6:30 p.m. and from where he will be taken in a medicalized ambulance to a hospital, since although he is conscious has symptoms of hypothermia, the sources have pointed out.

The merchant ship that located the boat, although it also tried to recover the bodies, could not due to poor sea conditions, although the Helimer 206 has left a radio beacon for its location and that the Miguel de Cervantes ship can reach it.

The Miguel de Cervantes is heading to the area, although it will not arrive until tomorrow due to how far away the pneumatics are and it is expected to return to Gran Canaria with the bodies during the day.

The Herlimer 206 proceeded to hoist the immigrant alive at around 4:55 p.m. (Canarian time), according to sources

The operation has been coordinated by the Maritime Rescue Center of Las Palmas, which has thanked the merchant for its collaboration and the rescue of the survivor, as well as its attempts to try to also recover the bodies, which was not possible due to weather conditions. adverse, has indicated the spokeswoman.