Tuesday, July 5

A Miami security company would have hired the Colombians arrested for the murder of Moise



Colombians arrested as alleged perpetrators of the assassination of the president of Haiti, Jovenel Moise, they would have been hired by a company of american security from Florida.

Following Moise’s assassination, the country’s security forces have detained, among others, 17 Colombians that, according to information collected by the newspaper ‘Miami Herald’, they had been recruited to work in Haiti for the security company CTU Security.

In addition, since Thursday the aforementioned media has tried on different occasions to contact a manager or employee of the company, but you have not received an answer to phone calls nor to sent emails.

These Colombian citizens were hired to provide exclusive security and received fees close to the $ 3,000 a month (just over 2,525 euros). For their part, two other detainees are Haitian-American citizens who have also been hired as translators, although they have not detailed who his employer was, according to judge Clément Noel.

In addition, the Colombian radio W Radio has broadcast this Friday an interview with the wife of one of the detainees in which the woman confirms her husband was hired by CTU Security, while ‘The Washington Post’ revealed this Saturday that this same citizen had already been investigated for his relationship with extrajudicial executions when he was a soldier of the Army of colombia.

In the framework of the investigations, which continue after the murder of Moise last Wednesday, sources from the Haitian Police have reported that this «fast forward to get a few more groups that played a role as masterminds. ‘

Six people still wanted

The president of Haiti was assassinated in an attack perpetrated early Wednesday on his private residence. The country’s police have reported the arrest of a total of 19 people related to the murder of Moise, 17 of whom are Colombian.

Thus, after these new arrests, of the total of the command responsible for the murder, made up of around 28 people, only one is looking for six more people since three Colombian suspects were killed.

Regarding the assassination hypotheses, the former Haitian senator Steven Benoit has put in the participation of Colombian citizens in the event and has targeted theSecurity agents of Moise as responsible for the murder.

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