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A Microscopic World: Here Are 20 Featured Photos From Nikon Small World 2021

One more year, Nikon Small World Has celebrated the milestones that microscopic photography reaches naming the winners of your contest. The well-known manufacturer has been doing it since 1974, and as the years have passed, the improvement in quality has been appreciated thanks to technological advances.

Each photograph of those shown has implied a lot of hope from its participants, and they show us what our world is like on a scale impossible to see with our eyes. Let’s see which images have been the best of this year according to Nikon, in ascending order and saving the winner for last.


A Arcyria pomiformis, omoho mucilaginous. Photograph of Alison Pollack.


19 Spinel With Calcite Large

A calcite crystal suspended within a spinel gem. Photograph of Billie Hughes.


18 Table Salt Large

A crystal of common table salt, photographed by Saulius Gugis.


17 Nostoc 4x Large

Nostoc cyanobacterium filaments within a gelatinous matrix. Photograph of Martin Kaae Kristiansen.


16 Ruohan Zhong Large

Several neurons envelop the mouth and tentacles of an anemone. Photograph of Ruohan Zhong.


15 Arachnoidiscus By Bernard Allard 190microns Large

A diatom, microscopic algae present in plankton. Photograph of Bernard Allard.


14 Snowflake Large

A snowflake photographed by Joern N. Hopke.


13 6249 6260 Ap Large

Various pollen grains trapped in cotton fibers. Photograph of Happy Placenti.


12 Untitled47 C1 2 3 4 Large

Cells myoepithelium mixed with secretory cells from the breast. Photograph of Jakub Sumbal.


11 Jasonkirk 20x Mouseretinalvessels Large

Blood vessels in the retina of a mouse eye. Photograph of Jason Kirk and Carlos P. Flores Suárez.


10 Vein And Scale On Butterfly Wing Morpho 20x Large

A vein and several scales from the wing of a butterfly. Photograph of Sebastien malo.


9 Photo03 Large

A water flea with embryos of its young, photographed by Jan Van IJken.


8 Intestinal Cross Section Large

Cross section of the intestine of a mouse, photographed by Amy Engevik.


7 Tz 01 Large

The head of a flea, photographed by Tong Zhang and Paul Stoodley.


6 Brainvasculature Large

The vascular system of the brain of an adult mouse, photographed by Andrea Tedeschi.


5 mouth of a housefly Musca domestica Large

The proboscis (or trunk) of a fly. Photograph of Oliver Dum.


4 Drg Sc Large

A sensory neuron in a rat embryo. Photograph of Paula Diaz.


3 Hog Louse Large

A leg, a claw and the windpipe of a louse. Photograph of Frank Reiser


2 Paric Jediandsith Large

Two separate populations of neurons (about 300,000) within a microfluidic device. Photograph of Esmeralda Paric and Holly Stefen.

443 kilometers, a compact with the stained sensor and insistence: the story behind the world record for distant photography


1 Jasonkirk 60x Oaktrichomestomata Large

The first prize goes to him Jason Kirk, which has photographed two trichomes (or small appendages) floating surrounded by stomata or pores of an oak leaf.

The photographs have been released with the express permission of Nikon Small World.

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