Saturday, September 25

A month has passed

Good Morning! We are already here. I have written and deleted about fifteen topics back from vacation: what if batteries are recharged, what if I miss each other, what if now I have to take a vacation from vacation … Anyway, it’s September 1, it’s time to return and what I am delighted that we are here again. I hope everything went well during this time. I have some surprise for this beginning of the course, but I will tell you about it.

For now, come on, get back to the routine: grab a coffee and let’s get down to business.


I went on vacation with the price of electricity setting records and on the way back I find that it has not stopped rising: the bill has shot up 46% in August and we launched September with the third consecutive all-time high.

The Government admits that the electricity bill will end up being up to 25% more expensive this year than the previous year, but rules out intervening in the electricity market. From Podemos, with contribution included from Pablo Iglesias, “normative changes” are requested and mobilization is encouraged. In, the economist Alejandro Inurrieta writes: “The speeches about the impossibility of intervention in the real estate or electricity markets are as false, as they are interested. There are de facto intervened markets, such as the French nuclear market, or real estate in some parts of Germany or France, thanks to the will of their managers ”.

  • And above. Today we tell you in that the State will have to return more than 1,400 million euros to the electricity companies due to a decree of the PP that the Supreme Court has just annulled. More details.

The goal of 70% was flying

I went on vacation with a coronavirus incidence rate above 700, right at the peak of the fifth wave, and now we luckily have it below 250 cases and going down.

  • Do we like a map. Here you have one which explains how infections have fallen this month, municipality by municipality.

Source: autonomous communities

  • Vaccines. Today we will reach the magic figure of 70% (yesterday they were exactly 69.7%) of the vaccinated population, within the term promised by the Government, “before the end of the summer”, and how questionable it sounded in spring. It cannot be said that all the autonomous communities have advanced at the same rate during these months: we have compared them. The problem is that this goal was not the end of the race but an intermediate point, a flying goal; Variations and global inequality of access to the vaccine do not allow us to be calm. We have to keep going.

Afghanistan, now what

I went on vacation and Afghanistan was a disaster under the tutelage of the United States. A month later, Afghanistan is a country controlled by the Taliban. Kabul has lived its first day no trace of US troops in Kabul. The international failure is colossal, of that you will surely have read these weeks. Take a look at this analysis on the possible scenarios of what can happen there from now on.

  • Ay eu. Now it is time to see how Europe, always full of good words, reacts to the inevitable Afghan diaspora that is coming. The EU sticks to business as usual: wants to promote that Iran and Pakistan stay with the refugees to “prevent uncontrolled illegal migratory movements.” In exchange for money, of course. Several countries they are already reinforcing fences and borders.


Do not pass

  • New University Law approved in the Council of Ministers. Its content more or less we have already told, but the fundamental thing: more demands on private universities so that they can be defined as such, positive discrimination for women and an attempt to alleviate precariousness on the part of the teaching staff.
  • Manuel Se Valls. Once upon a time there was a former prime minister of France who, as he was of Catalan origin, thought he could be mayor of Barcelona. The failure was resounding, despite the support of the elites. Manuel Valls has left his act as councilor and is leaving the Barcelona City Council.
  • Do you have a favorite son? A friend told me a while ago. “Can you imagine having a child, a small child, that you don’t like? That is bad luck ”. Mothers, fathers and experts answer about whether having preferences among children is normal, taboo or just streaks.


Things i didn’t know

  • He did not know that avocados were called in some parts of the United States alligator pear, that is to say “caiman pears”, because the skin looks like that of a lizard. The term also found its way in some parts of Latin America, although those of indigenous origin have always been the majority avocado and avocado. Around 1915, the agricultural employers in the USA started an intense marketing campaign to remove the bad vibes from the name (alligators are a real threat in places like Florida) and get them to call him ‘avocado’ in English.
  • He did not know, since we are with the pears, that the Macintosh computers, that is to say what we now call ‘the Macs’, take their name of a type of apple of Canadian origin that Jeff Raskin, an Apple employee who designed the personal computer in the 70s, liked a lot. Raskin wanted to break with Apple’s initial tendency to put female names on computers, like the first Apple Lisa. “It was something sexist”, Raskin said in 1984.
  • He did not know that in the original texts of the Bible it is not specified that the forbidden fruit that Adam and Eve ate in Paradise was an apple. It is a European convention that seems to be born from a translation error when the Genesis was passed from Hebrew to Latin, in the fourth century. Classical art liked the apple and there it stayed. In other cultures, the apple is a grape, or even a banana or a fig, which undoubtedly gives an extra incentive to original sin.

Well, that’s how we close the first bulletin of the course. If there are any confused coworkers or classmates, let them know that we are here.

A pleasure. Tomorrow we read each other again.

A hug,


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