Tuesday, May 17

A monument in Scotland to the International Brigades of the Spanish Civil War appears vandalized with pro-Franco proclamations

40 volunteers from North Lanarkshire, a Scottish council, participated in the International Brigades made up of more than 50 countries to fight in the Spanish Civil War alongside the Republican Army, as recalled by a commemorative plaque located in the Duchess of Hamilton Park , in the city of Motherwell. However, as published the local newspaper The National, that same tribute has appeared vandalized with pro-Franco proclamations.

For example, the vandals have been in charge of covering the word “they will pass” to thus eliminate the meaning of the popular proclamation “they will not pass”, in reference to the phrase used by members of the republic to encourage people to prevent the advance of the Francoist army. . Likewise, in the graffiti you can see Francoist symbols, such as the SS insignia, or the name of the dictator Francisco Franco with the letter O turned into a symbol of a target, as a sign of threat.

“We fully condemn this terrible and cowardly act of vandalism. We urge anyone with any information to contact Police Scotland immediately,” a North Lanarkshire Council spokesperson told The National.

However, a man named Steve McGowan and his son have decided to go to the monument to clean it up. According explains a friend of his in a Twitter thread, the intention was to teach his son “what is right and what is wrong.” Accompany the message, as well as a photo with his father posing next to the plaque with his fist raised. “You are history, you are legend”, can now be clearly read in a tribute that still needs to be remembered today.