Friday, September 22

A Moscow court orders house arrest for the journalist who protested against the war during the news

A Moscow court on Thursday ordered house arrest for the journalist Marina Ovsyánnikova, known for interrupting the main Russian public television news last March with anti-war proclamations.

“The court satisfied the Prosecutor’s request to order Marina Ovsyánnikova under house arrest as a precautionary measure,” the Basmanni court press service said in a statement quoted by the Interfax agency. The 44-year-old journalist must remain under house arrest until at least October 9.

Ovsyánnikova was arrested on Wednesday and her home was searched as part of a judicial process on “false” information about the actions of the Russian Army in Ukraine. According to the AFP agency, the journalist has been arrested for displaying a banner near the Kremlin in which she accused the Russian army of committing crimes in Ukraine.

The journalist, who could be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison, interrupted the live broadcast of the nightly newscast (Vremia) on March 14, making proclamations and brandishing a poster against the Russian military offensive in the neighboring country.

On that occasion, Ovsyánnikova was already fined 30,000 rubles ($500), in addition to losing her job. Subsequently, the journalist received two other fines. In one of the court hearings, Ovsyánnikova described the accusations against her as “fabricated”.