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A mysterious source of energy disturbs astronomers | Digital Trends Spanish

A team of astronomers from the International Radio Astronomy Research Center in Australia has found a mysterious source of radiation that releases a huge burst of energy three times every hour.

According to the researchers, what was discovered is unlike anything seen before.


According to what the scientists pointed out, when they were mapping radio waves in the universe, they were struck by an unusual object that was about four thousand light years from Earth and that, as it rotated, emitted a powerful beam of radiation every 18 minutes. about a minute.

The astronomers explain that the behavior of the radiation source is similar to that of pulsars or magnetars, which emit very short pulses of energy as they rotate.

However, this would be the first time that an object that emits longer bursts and in a short time interval has been observed.

“Something creepy”

Astrophysicist Natasha Hurley-Walker, from the International Center for Radio Astronomical Research in Australia, was one of the professionals who led the team behind the discovery.

In her study, she explains that “the object appeared and disappeared over the course of a few hours during the observations, something completely unexpected. To an astronomer it was kind of creepy, because nothing in the sky is known to do that. Also, it’s very close to us, about 4,000 light years away, it’s in our galactic backyard.”

For now, experts think their discovery could be a neutron star or white dwarf with a very powerful magnetic field that “is somehow converting magnetic energy into radio waves much more efficiently than anything that has been known.” seen before”, they say in their study.

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