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A “National Infojobs” with all the public and private offers: the new government project is a digital platform to search for employment

A public employment portal where you can find all job offers, both from private companies and those found in Infojobs, to public offers from the different administrations. It is the new government project that is part of the reform of the new Employment Law.

The objective is to convert the current SEPE (State Public Employment Service) into what will be the Spanish Employment Agency, a new body with a bigger budget and more open to including private job search agencies. As described The Newspaper of Spain, the text is in the final phase and is expected to be approved soon. This is what we know about this new digital platform.

More budget to renew Empléate, the SEPE job portal

Employ yourself

We met the idea of ​​creating a “national Infojobs” for the first time with the presentation of the Spain 2050 project. The Government is promoting public employment with a large number of vacancies and this new platform would be the place to collect and communicate these offers.

As described in the draft, the reform is committed to the creation of a platform that “works as a ‘job marketplace’ that connects all job seekers with all the offers at the national level, both public and private. “This new platform would include offers both at the state level, as well as from the regional and local administrations.


The so-called ‘Integrated Public Information System of Employment Services’ would be equivalent to the Empléate portal, which the SEPE already has since 2014. The The current portal has more than 21,000 job offers, almost 50,000 registered companies and some 8,000 public jobs.

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With the passage of the SEPE to the Spanish Employment Agency, this portal would be given a boost, expanding the scope and resources allocated to include more companies and offers.


According to current statistics, almost 1.5 million contracts are signed each month. Among the most hired jobs are those of deep-sea fishermen, purchasing agents and plasterers, although on the platform you can find jobs of all kinds.

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