Wednesday, July 6

A new calculation indicates that CO2 emissions in Spain grew by 5.9% in 2021

Everything indicates that greenhouse gas emissions in Spain rose in 2021 after three years of decline The Sustainability Observatory has calculated that 290 million tons were released last year, which would mean 5.9% more.

The stoppage imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic meant that, in 2020, CO2 emissions fell for the first time below the 1990 level, the reference set by the Climate Change Law. However, the economic recovery has led to a rebound: from 274 million tons to those 290 million.

The Observatory report states that “the determining factor” of this increase was “the greater consumption of petroleum products and, above all, the increase in emissions from road transport.” That rebound has gone to 13.9% that “not even the increase in prices [de los carburantes] has stopped”.

In addition to vehicle engines, they have participated in the increase in gases released into the atmosphere, according to the Observatory, “the increase in the burning of coal q for electricity generation” which was 3% and a greater use of natural gas (4.9%).

negative forecast for 2022

Added to last year’s calculation, the report anticipates the panorama that is being drawn in 2022: “With the current provisional data -until May- we would have increased emissions by about 9%”, says the work. In the absence of the official records of the National Inventory of the Ministry of Ecological Transition, the computations of this analysis are aligned with those already provided by the International Energy Organization, which had verified how the reactivation of activity after the coronavirus shock had been carried out at the cost of relaunching the emissions that cause the climate crisis.

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