Monday, December 5

A new competitor enters the market for newbie bitcoin nodes

The RoninDojo team pre-ordered a new team plug-and-play (plug and play) to run a full node of the Bitcoin network without the user having to make manual configurations, thanks to the fact that the RoninOS software is pre-installed.

RoninDojo Tanto, as the device is called, is available for pre-sale from December 22 to January 5. During that period, it has a cost of $ 549.99, while its original price is 709.98, according to published information on the website by RoninDojo.

The operating system is preloaded on a 32GB MicroSD card, while the device’s storage capacity is 1TB on a solid state drive (SSD).

The first batch of RoninDojo Tanto devices will be available only in the United States “To ensure logistics runs smoothly in today’s world situation before we expand to other continents.” This does not include territories such as Hawaii, Guam, or others outside of the continental United States.

However, the company ensures on its website that once there is sufficient demand for the equipment outside the United States, they will work on “a reliable logistics solution” and invite interested persons to contact them to find out about that demand.

In its pre-sale, the RoninDojo Tanto retails for $ 549.99.

Those who want to acquire both right now, they will only be able to buy one unit per order, because a small quantity was manufactured in this first batch. “We want to make sure that those who want to get one have a fair chance to ask for one,” says the company.

Bitcoin for the non-technical

One of the barriers that keeps many people away from Bitcoin is the perception that it is something very complex and technological and that, without extensive knowledge, it would be impossible or very difficult to understand and use.

Normally, running a Bitcoin node can be complex if you have to build it from scratch, which does require technical knowledge. However, tools like this one from RoninDojo (or the one created by The Bitcoin Machine and the Umbrel software that we reviewed in October on CryptoNews) make it easy for anyone who has a node connected to the Bitcoin network at home.

Running a full Bitcoin node brings decentralization and security to the network. In fact, RoninDojo’s proposal is for the user not only to have their node with Tanto, but also to be connected to their wallet, Samourai Wallet. By validating and propagating transactions from your own node, the need to use a third party’s is eliminated, with which you cannot verify the validity of the chain information yourself. Therefore, you have more security for your bitcoins in your wallet if it is also your node.