Friday, August 12

A new geomagnetic storm is heading for Earth | Digital Trends Spanish

NASA detected this Thursday, October 28, an intense solar flare that could cause geomagnetic storms on Earth, which could be perceived between Saturday, October 30 and Sunday, October 31.

It is an X1-class flash that was detected in the active region 12887 of the Sun and caused a strong radio blockade (R3) on the illuminated side of our planet, centered in South America.

According to experts, class X is used to designate the most intense flares, which are defined as a sudden and intense release of electromagnetic radiation from the Sun.

Thus, the number that accompanies the X indicates the strength that this event will have. Class X3 flashes are three times stronger than those of Class X1.

The announced event would be associated with a coronal mass ejection heading toward Earth that could cause geomagnetic storms this weekend.

Experts have explained that although these storms can reach our planet, they are not capable of passing through the atmosphere and cannot physically affect humans.

Either way, these storms could cause northern lights further south than normal and disrupt communication and GPS signals.

They could also force a delay in some space missions, in particular the launch of the Crew-3 that NASA and SpaceX will send into space.

For reference: the so-called Carrington event of 1859, considered the most powerful solar flare ever recorded, reached class X40.

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