Thursday, September 23

A new labor conflict near Glovo: the strike starts in its supermarkets in Barcelona

Glovo has opened a new labor dispute, which affects one of the business divisions it wants to bet on in the coming years: supermarkets and ultra-fast shipping of all kinds of products beyond food. The more than 300 riders that deliver only from these warehouses in Barcelona have decided to go on strike this Friday to demand, on the one hand, that they be hired directly -not through third parties-, and on the other, to demand conditions such as being able to enter the premises to go to the bathroom or drink water and have at least a five-minute break per hour.

Glovo and Deliveroo challenge the entry into force of the Rider Act by keeping self-employed couriers

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The mobilizations in the so-called Glovo Markets –in Barcelona there are five– initially coincided with the protest carried out by the others riders from the company last week. They took to the streets against the downward salary changes proposed by the company, which wanted to pass them off as its particular formula to adapt to the Rider Law. Those days, the supermarket workers, without being organized or unionized, also agreed to demand better working conditions. They did not get much in the media, but they managed to paralyze the six stores in the city.

“We were outraged because they started giving us absurd, exaggerated kilometers,” recalls one of these workers. If before they received orders to distribute supermarket products three kilometers away, in the case of bicycles, they raised it to five. Without warning. “It happened overnight and it was the last straw, because we are already in unacceptable conditions in the XXI century”, continues this employee. “We don’t have any washing services, no water, and no place to rest,” he laments.

The riders Glovo Market are not like the others. They only deliver at home from these stores, whether they are food products, parapharmacy, toys or household items. Unlike the others ridersThey are not freelancers, they are hired. But not by Glovo, but by JT Hiring, which belongs to Jobandtalent, one of the ETTs that controls the market of this new economy. Despite this, these messengers are not allowed to enter supermarkets to rest between orders, or to go to the bathroom or charge their mobile phones. Most tend to wait outside seated.

For two weeks, these workers have been organizing and, advised by the CCOO union, have chosen to call a nine-day strike: August 27, 28 and 29 and September 3, 4, 5, 10, 11 and 12 . The strikes will affect its five supers: those on Marina, Girona, Francesc Carbonell, Consell de Cent and Travessera de Dalt streets. Neither of the two mediation meetings that have taken place in the last 48 hours have come to fruition.

The labor demands are various. In the first place, and one of the most important according to the employees, is their direct hiring by the company. “All are hired by temporary agencies with temporary or work and service contracts when it is evident that they are permanent distributors who do structural work for the company”, argues Carmen Juares, general secretary of New Labor Realities of the union in Catalonia.

Faced with this request, both Juares and some of the workers consulted assure that the company sent them a direct hiring proposal shortly after the strike was announced. But it only reached some and they did not want to enter into conditions or dates during the mediation meetings, with which the strike committee interpreted it as an attempt to demobilize them. Glovo has declined to attend to comment on these details.

In addition to internalization, riders Glovo Market demands salary supplements for rainy days and night work (25%), as well as on holidays (75%). For now they charge the minimum interprofessional salary. They also demand five minutes of rest per hour per day, while now they have only 15 minutes in six-hour shifts. “The rest time has been reducing, and we are people who spend the day pedaling,” laments one of these messengers.

Finally, regarding access to the warehouse, the claim collected by CCOO is clear: “That the delivery men have access to the premises of the work center, including the use of bathrooms, rest rooms, lockers, dining rooms, electrical charging points and provision of mouth water “.

Facing the mobilization this Friday, the workers plan to paralyze the activity of all the centers, although the majority concentration will be in the one on Girona street. From there, at 10 am they will go with their bikes, motorcycles and scooters to the Glovo headquarters, on Pallars street.

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