Saturday, December 9

A new law for an aesthetic, inclusive and sustainable architecture

The Draft Law on the Quality of Architecture has been approved by the Council of Ministers this Tuesday, in the second round, and will be sent to the Cortes. A law defended by the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda that aims to guarantee the quality of architecture as a good of general interest.

The architecture that was ahead of climate change and that Spain preferred to ignore

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This law is part of a European project. The Commission has approved 85 million euros to finance in 2022 a line of cultural and creative aid included in the European Green Deal. they called him New European Bauhaus and the intention of this fund is “to demonstrate how sustainable innovation brings tangible and positive experiences to our daily lives”, as explained by the Commission itself. The project is designed for transversal proposals that link the environment and heritage so that the Member States use the values ​​that are defended in their territorial and socioeconomic development strategies.

From January 2021 the New European Bauhaus explores these new aesthetic, sustainable and inclusive housing solutions. “The New Bauhaus Laboratory will take up the collaborative spirit of the movement, which brings together different disciplines to approach society, industry and the world of politics in order to connect people and find new forms of collective creation”, indicates the European Commission. This community will be made up of citizens, organizations and authorities committed to sustainable architecture. President Ursula von der Leyen has stated that “the New European Bauhaus aims to create a new lifestyle that combines sustainability and quality design, that requires less carbon and that is inclusive and affordable for all”.

Finally, they announce the creation of prizes that will be awarded in ten categories “products and lifestyle” or “reinvented places to meet and share”, among others. The category “rising stars of the New European Bauhaus” is open to those under thirty, to encourage “further development of new ideas and exciting concepts.”

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This new law is endorsed by the Superior Council of the Colleges of Architecture of Spain (CSCAE) in line with that more humane and ecological future that the New European Bauhaus draws. The Government assures that this law wants to promote the quality of architecture and improve the lives of citizens. “Our country has international references. Spain is at the forefront of currents such as the New European Bauhaus and this law contributes to reinforcing the coherence of this Government’s policies in terms of construction, building and rehabilitation”, he said in press conference with the Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Raquel Sánchez, head of the housing law.

The legislative proposal aims to “protect, promote and promote the quality of architecture as a good of general interest”. Once endorsed by the Council of Ministers in second reading, the text will begin the parliamentary process for its vote in the Congress of Deputies. In addition, two bodies will be created to guide the performance of the standard: the House of Architecture and the Architecture Quality Council.

The intention of the legislative instrument is “to reinforce the exemplary role of the Public Administration, promoting the planning of the rehabilitation of the public building stock”, and for this it will be endowed with economic funds from the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, focused on the rehabilitation of the park built in rural and urban areas. However, the Government has not specified the economic contribution budgeted for this “exemplary” law.

More human architectures

From the national committee of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) they explain that it is a “very hopeful” initiative. José Alberto Alonso Campanero is a member of its Board of Directors and points out that the initiative will serve to rethink cities and change the development model: “The idea is to create architecture that is more human than speculative.” In this process, renovation should be prioritized over construction, because there is nothing more polluting and contrary to the green future that is proposed. “But we are in an embryonic state. Now we must define the scope that we want to give it, because it is an idea as beautiful as it is abstract. Fata to define, but it will not be a dead letter”, says Alonso Campanero.

From the Superior Council of the Associations of Architects of Spain it is indicated that the approval of this Law on Quality of Architecture “happens at a time of special need and attention to the cultural dimension and public interest of Architecture and the quality of the environment built to improve the quality of life and the relationship between citizens and their environment, contributing to social cohesion”.