Friday, September 30

A new mouth opens in the northwest of the cone of the La Palma volcano

A new mouth has been opened this morning around 03.00 a new mouth in the northwest of the cone of the La Palma volcano. The new emitter focus emits flows and pyroclasts.

The widening of one of the streams threatens to close the access to an observation point

Know more

This was reported this morning by Itahiza Domínguez, a seismologist at the National Geographic Institute (IGN), reports the new issuing center on his Twitter, but adds that it will be necessary to be aware of the scope of this episode.

Domínguez added later that from 7:00 in the morning another very close point is observed, both emit pyroclasts and flows.

Seismicity picks up

The seismicity has experienced a rebound in recent hours. According to Efe, there have been fifty localized earthquakes since last midnight, mostly at intermediate depths, and three of them felt by the population.

According to IGN data, three of these earthquakes had a magnitude of 3.5, one of them with a hypocenter located in Fuencaliente, 11 kilometers from the earth’s surface. It was felt by the population with a maximum intensity of III on a scale from I to XII.

In total, 14 earthquakes of the earthquakes counted since last midnight had a magnitude of three or higher.