Sunday, September 25

A passenger on the Bejís train: “We were 60 people and our lives were in danger at all times”

A passenger who was traveling on the train whose circulation was interrupted by the fire in Bejís (Castellón), in an event that has left a dozen injured, six of them hospitalized and five of these with burns of varying degrees, has filed a complaint with what he considers a crime of injuries because he assures that the passengers felt that their lives were in danger.

Six travelers from the train that entered the Bejís fire remain hospitalized, three of them seriously

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“There were 60 of us there and our lives were in danger at all times. What we do not understand is why that train left Valencia when the fire had started the night before. They had proof of what was happening at all times, ”says the agent, in a story of this 30-year-old woman collected by Las Provincias and El Mundo.

The girl assures that when they had been about 40 minutes into the journey they began to be able to see the fire, so she went to the driver and asked if they could continue the march. The driver told her yes, that there was no problem and she assumed that she was not going through the source of the fire.

However, after a while, they noticed that the temperature of the car was rising, that smoke was beginning to enter and that they had the flames “literally next door”. At that moment, he asked the driver to do “something” and get them out of there.

According to her version, collected in El Mundo, the driver stopped the march and tried to operate the lever to go back in the opposite direction and go back and, unable to do so, she ran towards the locomotive behind. But the train was blocked twice and the conductor “completely lost her temper” and she began to say that she did not know what to do, that the vehicle was blocked and she was waiting for orders.

The woman assures that, for professional reasons, she is used to experiencing stressful situations, and decided to take the initiative and reassure the passengers, among whom were children and elderly people, who were screaming and crying while the smoke reached the car.

According to her story, it was the driver who activated the lever at the request of the passengers “to be able to run away, at least those of us who had the possibility of leaving.” At that moment, a group of people came out, all young, who jumped onto the tracks and ran in the opposite direction of the fire.

In that interval, he explains that he tried to call 112 but there was no coverage, and when he did, they asked him if they were moving towards a safe point. He also affirms that he spoke with his father, a firefighter in Zaragoza, to ask him to notify and mobilize the media to where they were.

three kilometer run

And she assures that she asked the people who were with her to run towards some houses and not give up and it was Ragudo’s neighbors who put them in vehicles and took them to safety, after having run about three kilometers.

At this time, he believes that the driver must have been able to activate the lever and make the train return and he also believes that the injured must be people who stayed on the train. In the account given to Las Provincias, he details that there were people who, in the race towards what turned out to be Ragudo, fainted and vomited “but I told them to keep running because, if we stopped, we would all die of suffocation.”

“If we stayed on the train, as the situation was, if it doesn’t start, all those people die, I saw my life flash before my eyes. If not, I don’t run away”, she concludes.

However, according to Renfe, everything happened when the train stopped due to the proximity of the fire and with the intention of returning to Caudiel, between the moment of the stop and the setback, some frightened passengers decided to leave the convoy and left the their wagons, after breaking the windows, but they went back inside when they felt surrounded and already burned by the fire.

Likewise, these sources assure that the driver asked the passengers not to get off the train and quickly moved to the rear cabin to go back to Caudiel, which avoided further personal injury, since the passengers who remained inside did not they were injured.