Thursday, January 27

A phone booth, GeForce Now and a 5G network: this is how NVIDIA built the “world’s smallest” arcade room

One of the great icons of England are the red telephone boxes. Currently, most of those cabins are in disuse because the vast majority of people have a phone in their pocket. For that reason we have seen them reconverted in bookstores, photo studios and even mobile charging stations.

Seeing as these dilapidated booths have so many uses, why not turn one into an arcade room? That’s just what NVIDIA has done in a Manchester booth: make it the “smallest arcade room in the world” thanks to the power of GeForce Now and a 5G connection.

RGB included

Gamingphoneboxedit 05

NVIDIA installed this booth on October 27 in Exchange Square. Inside was a tablet connected to a 5G network from which GeForce Now could be accessed, your cloud gaming service.

Of course, there was also a refrigerator with snacks, a drink holder and a good dose of green RGB. The objective was, in addition to promoting the service, to allow passers-by to have a quick game.

According to NVIDIA, many gamers are hooked on their favorite games on inappropriate times, like at work or family dinners. They claim to have surveyed a thousand Britons and discovered that 10% have actually played video games on their wedding day.

Gamingphoneboxedit 04

With this cabin, says an NVIDIA spokesperson, they want users to be able to “get their daily dose of play when they are not at home and without affecting things like work and social life. ”