Wednesday, October 27

A platform with 80 social and economic entities calls a demonstration against Colau

Some 80 entities in Barcelona, ​​with a significant number of business associations and sports clubs, have organized to oppose the policies of the City Council governed by Ada Colau. The initiative, which was launched publicly this Wednesday under the name ‘Barcelona is unstoppable’, accuses the municipal Executive of having plunged the city into “discouragement” and “paralysis” and calls for a change.

In the manifesto, the organizations assure that the pandemic has been a strong blow for the city and that institutionally they have wanted to undo the success model of Barcelona and project themselves as the city “of no”. In line with the criticism that the economic sectors have directed at Colau in recent years, they assure that opportunities are missed that could place the city at the epicenter of strategic sectors in the international arena. For this reason, they affirm that it is time to take a step forward and call for a mobilization on October 21 in Plaça Sant Jaume, in front of the town hall.

Among the signatories there is Movimiento Tsunami Vecinal, Barcelona Oberta –which includes many commercial areas–, the Union of Sports Federations of Catalonia, the Real Círculo Artístico de Barcelona, ​​the Hotel Guild, the Apartur tourist apartment association or the Pro Mobilitat Platform Lliure, which brings together several entities opposed to the pacification of streets. There are also some neighborhood associations and there was even the Sant Pau Social Gym at the beginning, but this has issued a statement in which it said that its inclusion has been a mistake: “This is not the city model for which we fight.”

The manifesto also mentions that their claims are made following a development model that is respectful of the environment and the environment. But they point out that it should be done by betting on the “responsible yes” and not on the culture of no. In the economic sphere, they consider that “a boost is needed in all areas, valuing the entrepreneurial spirit and giving opportunities to those who want to create wealth.” AND

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