Monday, August 8

A politician with principles

Antonio Gallego Burgos is the spokesperson for Vox in the Parliament of Catalonia. That, today. A few years ago he was a member of Convergència i Unió, and he ran for elections with that political group, later he became part of the Popular Party, with which he also ran for elections, and currently, as has been said, he is a member of Vox, a deputy autonomous community in Catalonia and its spokesperson in the Catalan regional legislature.

He has, as we see, extensive political experience, at least experience in jumping from game to game. His membership in Vox is very recent, this year. He was signed by Abascal’s party to stand in the Catalan regional elections last February, those that gave victory to the former Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, and the presidency of the Generalitat to Pere Aragonès.

Gallego Burgos seems to want to succeed in politics and for that, any game is good for him, as long as it puts him at an advantage. This is one of the great problems of politics, the transfuguismo, the jump of the goose that allows to pass from one party to another with that parsimony that Marx (Groucho) tells: ” These are my principles, but if you don’t like them, I have others”.

Another big problem in current politics is lies. The one that became fashionable to an almost unattainable level, thanks to its enormous importance on Twitter, Donald Trump. The lie triumphs and, worse still, the half-truths, those misleading phrases, those twitterers monsters that, sometimes, are more harmful than a plain lie. Machado already said: ” You lie more than necessary for lack of fantasy: the truth is also invented. Did you say half true? They will say you lie twice if you tell the other half. ”

All this comes from the controversy created by Antonio Gallego Burgos, former Convergència i Unió, former Popular Party and, for now, leader of Vox, on account of the language used by a five-year-old boy named Julen. A few days ago, Gallego Burgos published a tweet with this information: ” My children already have their little group of friends at the campsite. A new one has been incorporated: Julen, a young man from Guipúzcoa, unable to play with others because he does not speak a word of Spanish. Not even one. It is very sad that toxic separatism thus impoverishes so many Julen. ”

And he continued, giving the tweet: ” I repeat it again: Julen, 5 years old, resident in Guipúzcoa, does not know a word of Spanish. Not even one. He doesn’t hear Spanish at home, or at school. ”

Ignoring the fact that Gallego Burgos has found out that the “kid” is called Julen, who resides in Gipuzkoa, who does not “hear Spanish at home or at school”, all by signs, or By the language of the deaf, or by some system that Gallego Burgos himself will know, the question remains as to whether the Vox spokesperson is really talking to us about Julen, or has the name also been invented, in addition to the garnishes of his tweet news.

Because if he is really talking about Julen, a five-year-old boy, who tries to play with the children of Gallego Burgos, and cannot because “he does not speak Spanish” at the campsite where the family of the spokesperson, the deputy may be violating the LOPD with a five-year-old infant, something serious for anyone, but more so for a Vox spokesperson in the Catalan parliament. I don’t think there are many five-year-old Julen, from Gipuzkoa, who don’t know “a word of Spanish” at the famous campsite.

Having said this, it is convenient to convey to the aforementioned Vox spokesperson the reality of a language, Euskera, which is the one spoken by the ethereal Julen. It is difficult to accept that Julen does not speak “not a word of Spanish” and that “he does not even hear Spanish.”

But where does Julen live? In a hamlet in Zegama, lost in the mountains, hidden from civilization. Even in Zegama, deep Gipuzkoa some would say, all the kids speak Spanish. They learn it in school. In other words, they are bilingual, which will seem very good to the Galician Burgos politician because bilingualism is enriching. Juan Tellería Arrizabalaga also spoke it, I say Basque, also born in Zegama, who was the one who composed the music for Cara al Sol, which Gallego Burgos will know, for sure.

But if Julen lives in Irún, things get complicated. It is the largest population in Gipuzkoa, after the capital, and there the percentage of Basque speakers is reduced. A 2017 Siadeco study informed us that the habitual use of Basque in Irún was 7% and that, according to UNESCO, Basque is in a vulnerable situation, while Spanish has no future problems thanks to its almost 600 million speakers

So Gallego Burgos doesn’t have to worry, Julen, if he doesn’t already, he will speak Spanish soon. Given that the deputy has learned so many things about him despite not being able to understand each other in a common language, when Julen masters the language of Cervantes, Gallego Burgos will be able to send him his electoral propaganda with his current ” principles ”, assuming that in this leap of the goose that is leading over the years, does not appear with “other principles” in a new game.

In the near future, when Julen speaks with the children of Gallego Burgos in Roman paladino, and the spokesperson approaches the group of kids with an inquisitive air, Julen will be able to tell the aforementioned that Basque was already an Iberian language before Castilian was born and, consequently, Gallego Burgos may be able to learn to respect the difference it enriches, and to doubt the Hitlerian uniformity that he seems to advocate.