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A popular Mexican pharmaceutical group launches NFTs | Digital Trends Spanish

Farmacias Similares, a Mexican pharmaceutical group known for offering generic drugs, announced the sale of images of its pet in NFT format.

In total, the pharmaceutical company offers a collection of six images of the mascot known as “Doctor Simi”, of which stuffed animals have also been sold on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Mercado Libre.

Would you like to have a NFT and funko special edition of the @drsimioficial? Very soon you will be able to:
Find out more details at:

— Similar Pharmacies® (@fsimilares) February 17, 2022

The six images, which show Doctor Simi dressed as a charro, tlatoani (the emperor of the Aztec Empire), fighter and Huichol, are for sale on the OpenSea platform, the most famous for buying and selling NFT certificates, non-fungible tokens for its acronym in English. The collection is sold under the name of “Mexican Collection” or Mexican Collection.

NFTs are certificates that validate the authenticity and uniqueness of a digital item. In the case of the images of Doctor Simi, they validate that although the file can be replicated, the holder of the NFT is the owner of the original file, certified in the block chain in which cryptocurrency operations are also validated.

As of press time for this note, none of the images of Doctor Simi had been sold. Its price is oscillating, since those interested must make an offer in the ether cryptocurrency.

Farmacias Similares also did not establish a base price or floor price.

However, in addition to the NFTs, it said it will offer Funko figures based on the same designs as the non-fungible token collection.

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