Thursday, August 18

A possible new species of dinosaur discovered in the US | Digital Trends Spanish

A group of researchers has just discovered in Missouri, United States, the remains of a dinosaur between seven and nine meters long. According to scientists, it would be a species not determined at the moment.

The team in charge of this find pointed out that it is the skeleton of a young specimen that for now has received the name of Parrosaurus missouriensis.

“I can’t imagine anything more impressive than what we discovered here. A new genus in species. It’s a world-wide discovery, ”said Guy Darrough, lead paleontologist of the research team.

Experts have explained that Missouri is a unique territory in this matter and that it is very likely that it still hides the remains of other dinosaurs.

In fact, another group of experts found a new copy of Parrosaurus missouriensis,this time adult, in the same place where the first specimen was found.

According to this research, the Parrosaurus missouriensis It was herbivorous, measuring between seven and nine meters long, and had a mouth similar to a duck’s beak.

“There is potentially much more here. In reality, we are seeing something that could be a mass death occurrence, like an entire herd that perished and washed up in this water hole or lagoon, ”the scientists explain.

In the last eight decades, dinosaur bones have been found in the same place in Missouri, however, the remains found on this occasion are so many that they allow us to announce that it could be a new species until now unknown.

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