Sunday, January 29

A PP deputy tries to prevent a European parliamentarian from talking to TV3 about espionage with Pegasus

The deputy of the Popular Party Pablo Hispán has tried to prevent this Monday that the Dutch parliamentarian Pieter Omtzigt gave some statements to the Catalan channel TV3 after leaving a hearing on espionage with ‘Pegasus’ in a commission of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe , held in Paris. The popular has approached Omtzigt to warn him that TV3 is an “independence television” and “unbalanced”, an attitude that has been denounced by both the network and the College of Journalists of Catalonia.

The correspondent for the Catalan chain in the French capital, David Melgarejo, explained that despite the fact that the PP deputy “he got in the way” when trying to interview the Dutch parliamentarian, who is also the rapporteur in the commission that has met to listen to the testimonies of victims of the Pegasus spy system, “it has not been successful”.

For its part, the Association of Journalists of Catalonia has stated that “political representatives should be the first to respect the work of the press.” “Discrediting ourselves because they don’t like the information we give has an undemocratic bias and little to do with freedom of expression and freedom of the press, fundamental rights in a democracy,” the association has defended.

Finally, according to La Vanguardia, Omtzigt later spoke about the incident with the media and Hispán himself has also made statements to the press, including TV3.

Politicians and journalists have participated in the session of the Commission for Legal Affairs and Human Rights of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe on espionage with ‘Pegasus’. Among them, the ERC MEP Diana Riba, who has appeared as a spy, as well as as vice-president of the European Parliament commission that investigates the use of ‘Pegasus’ and other ‘spyware’, according to Europa Press.

In his speech, Riba has maintained that this espionage has shown that “the Spanish State has a clear interest in knowing what our political and legal strategies are at all times and will use any system at any cost to obtain the information.”

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