Sunday, October 2

A private plane that took off from Jerez crashes on the coast of Latvia

A private plane has crashed this Sunday off the coast of Latvia, as reported by the Swedish rescue service and according to Reuters.

The plane, a Cessna 551 with Austrian registration, had taken off from Jerez without a fixed destination, as reported by the FlightRadar24 website. Afterwards, he has toured twice in Paris and Cologne before heading to the Baltic. The flight has begun to rapidly lose speed and altitude. Before that, NATO had sent planes to follow their course.

“We have learned that the plane has crashed (in the ocean) northwest of the city of Ventspils, in Latvia,” said a spokesman for the Swedish rescue service. “It has disappeared from the radar.”

German and Danish warplanes had previously been sent to inspect the plane as it passed through the airspace of those countries, but they have been unable to establish contact, said Johan Wahlstrom of the Swedish Maritime Administration.

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