Wednesday, November 30

A private study predicts that 57% will be the floor for inflation in 2022

“This should be considered the inflation floor for 2022, unless a serious plan of attack on inflation is introduced that manages to twist its course. However, this scenario appears as the least likely, regardless of the commitment adopted with the IMF ”, continues the economist.

“The need to introduce some tariff adjustments, together with the sliding of the dollar price to avoid a significant exchange rate delay, as well as the agreed salary increases, are factors that will put pressure on inflation from the cost angle.”, observe Beaker.

“The monetary issue will do it from the point of view of demand, while the inflationary inertia, in a semi-indexed economy, will ensure that there is no significant decrease in the rates of monthly price increases. Therefore, cost inflation, demand inflation and inflationary inertia will combine to ensure that prices follow their current path ”, completes the director of the Center for Studies of the New Economy (CENE) of the University of Belgrano.