Tuesday, August 16

A propaganda distributor dies after suffering a heat stroke in Madrid

A 56-year-old worker died this Thursday when he was distributing propaganda in the streets of the Madrid town of Paracuellos del Jarama, as reported by Emergencies 112. When the health professionals arrived, the man was in cardiorespiratory arrest and presented a temperature of 42 degrees. The Summa 112 doctors performed resuscitation maneuvers on him for 35 minutes, but they could only confirm his death.

The extreme heat of recent days has claimed the lives of many people, including several workers in Madrid. A 60-year-old street sweeper died on Friday of the week when he worked in Puente de Vallecas, while another 58-year-old worker died on Saturday after suffering a cardiac arrest caused by the intense temperatures that were recorded in a Móstoles warehouse where he worked. .

In the case of the cleaning employee, the Labor Inspectorate had warned the Urbaser company before the summer season began that it should protect its employees against the high temperatures expected for this summer, as this newspaper reported.

On Tuesday, in addition, the Samur-Civil Protection transferred another cleaning worker to the October 12 Hospital in serious condition after suffering heat stroke.

The Carlos III Health Institute estimates 510 deaths attributable to the high temperatures recorded between July 10 and 16.


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