Wednesday, May 18

A protest in favor of public services takes to the streets “in defense of Madrid, its neighborhoods and towns”

“Light at a fair price”, “public education” or “primary care” have been some of the demands seen in the demonstration called this Saturday by the Assembly of Collectives, Neighborhoods and Towns of Madrid, which encouraged to take the streets of the capital on a route that led from Atocha to Puerta del Sol in defense of essential public services.

“There is another Madrid that, in the face of privatizations, precariousness and cuts, fights every day in defense of Public Health.” It was the premise of the call to which, finally, more than 50 groups and organizations have attended. Because, according to the organizers of the march, a powerful popular movement is necessary because without it it is “impossible to make any real progress.”

Hence, the proposal of this day of struggle, as it has been called, tries to call for mobilization at a time like the present, in which the last elections of the Community have caused Isabel Díaz Ayuso to be governing with the support of the extreme right. “Their ultra-liberal program has reinforced their institutional hegemony in the May 4 elections and they have begun to announce their claims to deepen the program of liquidation or privatization of the public sector,” they point out in their convocation. “This new antisocial offensive, within its general ultra-liberal and anti-human offensive, we have to stop it,” they claim.

Armed with flags and banners, dozens of people with masks and respecting the safety distance made public demands that they see threatened, such as a pension system or other essential services such as a light with a decent price, which in recent months has reached peaks maximums coinciding with the change of time slots in billing.

It was a march by a diverse group of people, men and women, young and old. Because it is not about claiming dignity for a group or a specific moment, but for the whole of the society in which we are and that is yet to come.