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A purple cloud goes viral in Chile and worries people | Digital Trends Spanish

An image of a purple cloud that appeared in the town of Pozo Almonte in northern Chile became viral on social networks, however, the strange phenomenon is a serious environmental problem that has the authorities worried, since it would be iodine vapor that would have originated from the failure of a pump.

The case began this past weekend. at the Cala Cala mine of the Saltpeter and Iodine Company (Cosayach), very close to the town of Pozo Almontelocated 1,470 kilometers north of Santiago.

The Superintendent of the Environment, Emanuel Ibarra, confirmed that at the Cala Cala site one of the pumps failed and the iodine changed from a solid to a gaseous state. For this reason, a purple cloud was produced in the northern area of ​​Chile. “It is a phenomenon that is associated with the Cosayach company, at its Cala Cala site, and this was not reported by the companyhowever, an emergency table was held to control the fact, “said the authority.

purple cloud #Chili

The phenomenon was positioned on the town of Pozo Almonte caused fear in the population and by prevention before the anomalous they declared the #emergency #environmental.
Official explanation: under investigation, they presuppose substances caused by a mining company…

— Dystopian Reality (@RDistopica) August 22, 2022

They witness a cloud of iodine release in the Pozo Almonte mine

— (@ElBoyaldia) August 22, 2022

in conversation with Cooperativethe Fire Superintendent of Pozo Almonte, Efraín Lillo, assured that “from 8:00 to 10:00 this was emanating from the plant.”

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