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A rap reunites the cast of The Lord of the Rings | Digital Trends Spanish

The lord of the rings It is one of the most important fantasy sagas in cinema. For this reason, many fans of the genre fondly remember this franchise, especially now that the first film, The Fellowship of the Rings, celebrates 20 years since its premiere.

Unlike other sagas like Harry Potter, whose stars met on an HBO Max special, the cast of The Lord of the rings It does not have any celebration prepared, at least of an official nature.

However, some of the actors who appeared in the first film surprised with a funny rap on the Stephen Colbert show.

Is about # 1 Trilly, a song that talks about how important the trilogy of The lord of the rings and that ensures that no other can overcome it.

20 years later, and ‘The Lord of The Rings’ is still the greatest trilogy ever! @StephenAtHome, @JonBatiste and some very special guests recorded a rap song to celebrate 20 years of this iconic movie! 🧙‍♂️#LSSC

& mdash; The Late Show (@colbertlateshow) December 16, 2021

In the video presented, some of the interpreters appear wearing a characteristic hip hop aesthetic, among which are Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, Billy Boyd, Dominic Monaghan, Andy Serkis, Hugo Weaving and Orlando Bloom.

The hilarious sketch also includes a brief appearance by Viggo Mortensen and a cameo by actress Anna Kendrick, a renowned fan of the Peter Jackson film series.

It is assumed that those in charge of the video also wanted to have Ian McKellen, however, the experienced actor was not available for the recordings.

The Fellowship of the Ring was released on December 3, 2001 and managed to raise $ 871 million worldwide. It is frequently recognized as one of the best fantasy films in movie history.

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