Wednesday, August 4

A rat sneaks into the Parliament of Andalusia

The Parliament of Andalusia has had an unexpected visitor who has altered the agenda of the plenary session that was being held this Wednesday. A rat entered the room while the president of the chamber, Marta Bosquet, intervened, who welcomed the animal with a cry that she drowned by putting her hand to her mouth before the initial bewilderment of the deputies, who quickly became account of what was happening.

From there, a general murmur has taken over the room, with parliamentarians getting up from their seats to locate the rat, which had appeared between the Vox and Ciudadanos bench, some lost cry in the background and a comment that empathized with the animal . “My God, poor thing,” a deputy is heard. After a few minutes in which the rat has run from one side of the room to the other, it has managed to exit through the back of the Parliament Table, and it has been possible to continue with the session.

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