Saturday, December 4

A regrettable assignment

The Government has accepted, at the proposal of the PP, to formalize institutional corruption by jumping extremely dubious barriers in substance and form. No matter how hot cloths they want to wear, voting for Enrique Arnaldo as a member of the Constitutional Court is a tragic decision. Obviously, half the world knows what happens in Spain but showing it without complexes implies a great qualitative leap. Before bowing to Pablo Casado’s trap, it was a thousand times preferable to change the law in search of cleaner majorities, no matter how much they protested. If it was the way to preserve -within what fits- the rectitude of the institutions. At a time when so many red lines are being skipped around the world, granting such a priority in this case to the People’s Party deigning to “renew” (in its own way and benefit) the institutions is difficult to assimilate.

It would be said – I am one of those who believe it – that Pablo Casado chose precisely this magistrate to twist the arm of Pedro Sánchez and his governing coalition. And he has succeeded. It is not possible to think of good intentions with such a curriculum, which gets more and more with each new discovery. Arnaldo worked for Santander while he was a lawyer in Congress. And he surrounded himself with the most grained of corruption and the big brick from Mallorcan President Jaume Matas to Pocero de Seseña and other parts. He has earned about a million euros, while working for public administrations governed by the PP while he was a lawyer in Congress, something that the statute of the Chamber expressly prohibits. As noted, Arnaldo took Pablo Casado to the office of the rector of the University where he passed 12 subjects in four months, a powerful part of the organization. Everything is stable, a plenary session. Let us remember – do not forget – that this magistrate has to decide with the rest of the TC on the constitutionality of the laws approved by Parliament or protect the fundamental rights and public freedoms of citizens, within the strictest independence of judgment. Married says he is an impartial judge.

In case there was any doubt as to who has triumphed in the game, La Razón, an unofficial spokesperson for the PP, affirms that contrary to what the PSOE says, “the negotiation on the CGPJ is at a standstill“And Martínez Almeida, official spokesman, confirms it.” It is on the roof of the PSOE. “After imposing that shameless partisan cast in the TC, now the PP demands that the judges be the ones who choose each other, changing the government’s rule Mariano Rajoy The kidnapping is not over, and neither is the pitorreo.

The first culprit is Casado, the current president of the PP. Certainly, although he is not penalized. And yes to those who with their vote have led the TC to an unpresentable for the position. There is a benevolent and deceptive tendency to justify oneself. Even to repudiate those who make it look. But it is by no means decency to say yes to this candidate. The main invoice of the operation already has a main recipient. One only has to look at the judgment of establishment journalists, opinion makers: they charge against the party that came to regenerate politics. Because of the corrupt tolerated and protected, nothing other than corruption can be expected, but they are our corrupt. And so – badly – this country is pulling. The dignity of the old Basque socialist Odón Elorza is praiseworthy when he voted no, which could cost him a sanction.

One of the hardest words to say is ‘no’. Denial is somewhat violent or produces a certain complex when they ask for something. In people with a sensitivity for decency. Pablo Casado exercises it without fissures. Three years opposing the renovation of the institutions to make them worse. Are Pedro Sánchez and the Government afraid to pronounce ‘no’? The worst thing is that with the ‘yes’ they have denied so much that it shudders. This compliance makes corruption in the institutions official, in my opinion. We have all lost, except the corrupt officials. Although the most pragmatic know and say that these things are forgotten, I sense that it will not be the case in many cases.

We live in times when the force of unreason is rising. President Lukashenko threatens to cut off gas if the EU applies sanctions to Belarus. With pain and death trapped on the border with dark right-wing Poland. And, on the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the EU opens up financing walls and fences against migrants on that border between Poland and Belarus. The president of the Council “pushes that debate”. It would seem that they induce each one to seek his life against arbitrariness and authoritarianism. Russia strengthens Belarusian border with Poland by sending paratroopers which justifies that it is necessary to “mitigate the risk of incidents” in view of the deployment of more than 12,000 soldiers by Warsaw. The enemies are children and adults, hungry, frozen, helpless. They had already been gassed.

Seeing these things makes it even more difficult to protect indecency wherever it occurs. That it is not possible to vote no, precisely to the so visible trap of Casado. Nothing has been gained from it. A certain desolation, if that response was not expected.

In politics there are no isolated events. Relatives of residents who died in nursing homes during the pandemic have concentrated in front of the prosecution to demand justice for the people who died without medical assistance. “They want to shut the mouth of 300 complainants and avoid the death of more than 7,000 people in residences,” they say. And Isabel Díaz Ayuso as she gets tired of answering questions from the opposition in the Assembly to release an explicit “On the death figures … well, really … see you later … it doesn’t matter … step” . He came from skating in syrups in a television interview where he said that a plaque had been put on the deceased. One goes with the other and successively.

There is the full sum. “Of all the stories in history, the saddest is that of Spain because it ends badly”, says the famous poem by Gil de Biedma. However, it is usually forgotten to continue with the explanation of why: “As if the man fed up with fighting with his demons, decided to entrust them with the government and administration of his poverty.” From their poverty, from their wealth, give them power. The most regrettable thing is that, even outside of the social majority expressed at the polls, their most unbearable mandates are followed. It is very difficult to accept. And to understand that such a price is paid in credibility, because the PP only benefits from the operation.

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