Tuesday, July 5

A religious school in Madrid takes its students out of class to attend an act of Almeida

There were selfies and applause and dispensation from the management to skip class. At mid-morning this Wednesday, dozens of students from the Colegio Sagrado Corazón de Jesús de las Esclavas, located in the Chamberí neighborhood, left the classrooms to be part of a political act. Sitting on the floor, under a radiant sun and a temperature of 30 degrees, they eagerly awaited the arrival of the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Rodríguez Almeida, who planned to inaugurate the space after the City Council decided to baptize it with the same name as the congregation. from this educational center for nuns: Plaza de las esclavas del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús. Along with the mayor, the councilor-president of the Chamberí district, Javier Ramírez, from the most conservative faction of the party, attended.

The schoolchildren, dressed in their uniforms, received the Madrid councilor with shouts of joy as if he were a music star or a TV celebrity. According to City Hall sources, both Almeida and his companions were unaware that they were going to have the children as spectators. Nothing was mentioned in the protocol and program of the event. Only that they would be received by the Superior General of the congregation, and the director of the College. Both, in addition, were invited to pronounce a few words from the lectern placed in the square, something they did after the intervention of Councilor Ramírez and before the Madrid councilor, who closed the act. Previously, they discovered the plaque with the name of the square.

The same municipal sources assure that when they arrived and saw the children there, they were interested in knowing if they had permission to be recorded by the media. And the school management assured them that they all had “parental authorization.”

This newsroom has contacted the center of the Sacred Heart of the Esclavas de Jesús, a Catholic center arranged by the Ministry of Education, which currently teaches Infant, Primary, Secondary and Baccalaureate. The center maintains that the families were asked for permission. “It was an important and extraordinary event,” sources from the center told this newsroom, and given “the exceptionality” parents were asked if minors could participate and “see how the square was baptized with the same name as the school, a fact that does not happen every day”.

Subsequently, the director of the center, Alfonso Saz Pérez, insisted and confirmed to elDiario.es that “all the actions carried out by the school with the students are fully reported to all the families of the center.” “For us as a school that belongs to the Esclavas del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús, it is a great pride that the Madrid City Council names a square in recognition of the educational work that the congregation has carried out and continues to carry out for more than 100 years. ”.