Wednesday, July 6

A rise of the French conservatives slows Marine Le Pen in regional elections, according to estimates

The leftist and environmentalist lists have led this Sunday the first round of the French regional elections, while the extreme right has advanced less than the polls expected, according to several polls released after the polls closed.

President Emmanuel Macron’s party (LREM) and his centrist Modem allies also fell short of his expectations. If the candidates from the left and the environmentalists are added, they would have achieved 34.4% of the votes, by 28.5% from the right and 11.5% LREM / Modem, according to a national poll for the TF1 channel .

The far-right Agrupación Nacional (RN) may have achieved 18.9%, according to that survey.

Another exit poll for the BFM TV news channel gave the left and the environmentalists 34.3%, 29.3% to the right and 10.9% for the macronistas. The RN would remain at 19.1%.

Polls released this week suggested that the far right could lead the vote in up to six of the thirteen regions of metropolitan France, but these early forecasts suggested a much more modest result.

The voting for the first round of the French regional and departmental elections ended this Sunday with a record abstention, according to the estimates of several polls. Specifically, it may have reached 66.1% according to an Ipsos survey for France Télévisions, and it would be even higher, 67.5% according to the BFM TV projection.

This participation of around 33% is much lower than the 49.91% of the first round of the regionals of 2015 and the 45% of the municipal ones of last year.