Friday, January 21

A row for referring to Ayuso’s brother causes all the opposition to leave the Madrid Assembly

“Dedicate yourselves to the brother of Mrs. Ayuso, who does dedicate himself to going through the hospitals to suggest to the contracting units which company to hire.” These words of the PSOE deputy, Carmen López, in the monographic plenary session on the emergency hiring of the Government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso during the pandemic, has unleashed a storm this Thursday in the Madrid Assembly. Immediately after saying these words, the president of the regional Parliament, María Eugenia Carbelledo -of the Popular Party-, interrupted her, called her to order and suggested that she withdraw her words about the brother of the regional president of the daily sessions and, by refusing, he has expelled her from the plenary session. Carballedo’s attitude in defense of Ayuso has outraged the entire opposition, including Vox, which ended up leaving the hemicycle en bloc.

Before reaching this moment, the president of the Chamber of Vallecas has made Carmen López ugly who has made a “direct allusion” to the relative of a deputy of the Assembly, in reference to the brother of Isabel Díaz Ayuso. “He is also doing it, not with kind words, but with very serious words. I can’t think of anything else contrary to what the rules of parliamentary courtesy are. All deputies have a duty, because that is what the regulation mandates. , to adapt our conduct to the rules of parliamentary courtesy, “Carballedo has reproached, a statement with which all the groups in the Chamber disagree.

Carballedo did not end there his reproaches to the socialist deputy: he called her to order and urged her “not only not to insist on an accusation of such caliber but to withdraw that accusation.” Irene Lozano, a socialist deputy, asked then from her seat respect for “freedom” and was also called to order by Carballedo.

“President, I am not going to withdraw it, and I would like you to have the same attitude that you have here today with the president of the Community who insults us …”, López replied, which has caused the president of the Autonomous Chamber to call it to order twice more, which, according to the regulations, constitutes the expulsion of the Plenary. The Socialist deputy has refused to leave the hemicycle and has caused Carballedo to ask the services of the Chamber to accompany her outside.

At that point, all the opposition parliamentary groups have decided to leave the Plenary, including Vox. Only the deputy of Más Madrid Alberto Oliver, who had to intervene in the debate, and who has risen to the lectern only to convey his solidarity in the face of the “embarrassing episode” has remained. The PP was left alone in the speaker’s rostrum with half of the plenary session empty.

More Madrid has then requested an urgent meeting of the Board of Spokespersons that has met in order to clarify the issue and see if the deputies returned or the session was suspended. Finally, the Plenary has resumed after four in the afternoon only with the PP and Vox – which had initially left the hemicycle. More Madrid, PSOE and United We Can have returned only for the moment of voting.

Criticisms of the bloc opposition

“We have left the plenary session to register a letter that clarifies the limits and protection of the deputies in freedom of expression,” lamented the Vox spokeswoman, Rocío Monasterio, after leaving the hemicycle. “In this plenary session we have endured being called Nazis, the twelve apostles of hatred, who splashed in the blood of certain groups, there has been talk of my relatives, and the president has never asked that deputy to leave,” Monastery continued who has argued that “there is a double yardstick.”

In the PSOE, the formation spokesman Juan Lobato has expressed the group’s “most sincere rejection” of what he has described as an “undemocratic act” by the president of Parliament: “It goes against freedom of expression”, Lobato has sentenced The Socialist deputy has requested the resignation of the president of the Madrid Assembly, María Eugenia Carballedo.

For her part, the spokesperson for Más Madrid, Mónica García, has called what happened “grotesque” and has defended that the president of the Assembly has “restricted the freedom of expression of a parliamentarian” because “she did not like what she was saying. “There has been no alteration of order other than freedom of expression.” “Ayuso has insulted us actively and passively, and arbitrarily expelled a deputy,” García said that he considers that Carballedo has acted on behalf of and not like the president of the regional Assembly of all Madrilenians.

Also the spokeswoman for United We Can, Carolina Alonso, has regretted what happened and has emphasized that every time “Mr. Tomás Ayuso” is mentioned in the PP “they get very nervous.” “It will be for something. Obviously the president of the Chamber has skipped the regulation. We believe that she has committed an abuse of her functions, wanting to force this PSOE deputy to withdraw her words and expel her from the Chamber in bad ways.”

Only the PP has supported the attitude of the president of the Autonomous Chamber. “There is a moment that must be said so far. We support the decision and the attitude of the President of the Assembly because very serious words have been heard,” said popular spokesman Alfonso Serrano. “That parliamentary immunity is used to make accusations of crime to people who cannot defend is the limit,” said Serrano, who has made Vox join “this coven”.

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