Monday, September 20

A second Spanish plane with 110 Afghan refugees leaves Kabul for Dubai

A Spanish military plane with 110 people on board has managed to take off from Kabul early this Friday. Three complete families travel in it, the collaborators of the Spanish embassy in Kabul and the captain of a Paralympic team. The aircraft is scheduled to land in Dubai around 10 a.m. Spanish time and, after a stopover, it will set sail for the Torrejón de Ardoz base in Madrid.

Also, in statements to the SER Chain, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albares, has confirmed that the President of the European Council, Michel Barnier, and the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, will visit this Saturday accompanied by Pedro Sánchez the facilities that host in Torrejón de Ardoz to the Afghan refugees. This visit is due to the fact that Spain has offered itself as a distribution point among the EU countries for all Afghan collaborators who have worked with the European institutions.

In this sense, Albares has said that this Saturday Spain will be the “center of Europe” in three senses: logistical, political and of “European values”. In the distribution to Spain will correspond about 50 refugees. “It is what corresponds to a country the size of Spain”, said the minister.

Albares has recognized that there are still collaborators from Spain on Afghan soil: “It is not easy to contact all the collaborators. There are people without a mobile phone. Spain has been around for many years and some of these people stopped working for Spain a long time ago.”

“Our Afghans”

The minister has also admitted that it is “impossible” to know how long the aerial repatriation device for these collaborators could last and has emphasized the role played by these local workers who collaborated with both the Ministry of Defense and the Spanish Cooperation: “These people They are not just any Afghans. They are the Afghans who have been working with European countries. They are, and allow me the expression, our Afghans. ”