Monday, December 4

A sentence prohibits a convict for killing his dog from “living” with other animals in the next 4 years

Keeping animals is not the same as living together. The difference may seem nuanced, but it is not for the animal organization FAADA, which released a sentence on Monday that condemns a young man who beat his puppy to death. In addition to a six-month prison sentence and a 1,000-euro fine for resisting authority, the judge disqualifies him for four years not only for “keeping” animals, but also “living together.”

This is what the reform of the legal regime of animals in the Civil Code implies

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“Sometimes there are convicts who are prohibited from having animals but who acquire them anyway and have them in the name of their partner or a family member,” says Anna Estaran, a lawyer for FAADA, who has been a private prosecutor in the process. According to the entity, it is the first time that they are aware of a sentence that also includes the prohibition for coexistence with animals to prevent a convict from being able to circumvent it with this formula, which according to Estaran also allows accredited abusers to continue in contact with the animal. mistreated. “Although four years may not seem like much, we celebrate it as a fundamental first step,” says the lawyer.

From FAADA they assure that precisely the fact that coexistence is taken into account and not only possession is one of the demands of animal rights groups for the Animal Rights Law, which provides for a reform of the Penal Code.

The case in question is that of a young man from Premià de Mar (Barcelona) who in February 2020 repeatedly hit a seven-kilo puppy he owned, until causing trauma that caused his death hours later. When the Mossos d’Esquadra showed up at the house, alerted by the screams, the condemned man jumped on them with screams and blows, according to the sentence.

The sentence is agreed between the parties. In a forensic medical report provided to the case, it was also confirmed that the young man was under the influence of alcohol, cannabis and cocaine and with a picture compatible with a psychotic outbreak. “The patient presented a notable change in behavior, his cognitive abilities being very altered,” the report states.