Sunday, December 4

A shooting forces to cut a road in Ciudad Real: “They are shooting at all the cars”

A shooting at kilometer 1 of the CR-4116 highway has forced this road to be cut between the Ciudad Real towns of Villamayor de Calatrava and Argamasilla de Alba.

The mayor of Villamayor de Calatrava, Juan Antonio Callejas, explained, in statements to Europa Press, that the road has been cut off because those involved in the shooting, whose number or origin is unknown, “are shooting at all the cars”.

Callejas has elaborated that the area where the shooting is taking place is a “highly populated” area, where there are many chalets that are used as second homes, which makes the situation “greater danger” even.

For this reason, the City Council of Villamayor de Calatrava has received a “very urgent” call from 112 requesting that the road be cut off so that no one can pass through the area. From the 112, on their side, they confirm that Villamayor de Calatrava has been asked to cut off traffic on the CR-4116 highway.

Great deployment of troops and the UME on the way

They also indicate that a shooting has been taking place since 10:30, without being able to provide more information, but confirming that a large number of members of the State Security Forces and Corps have been mobilized to try to capture the individual who, apparently, has carried out several shots with a rifle at people and drivers who were at kilometer 2.5 of the CR-4116 highway.

Eyewitnesses have told Europa Press that special intervention units from the Ciudad Real Civil Guard and the UME are heading to the area, although members of the National Police from the nearby municipality of Puertollano have also been spotted. The same sources specify that this individual could be entrenched after having reached other people.